17th and 18th century
chamber music

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C.P.E. BACH Sinfonia a 2 Violini e Basso H.582 RG126  €12.80
C.P.E. BACH Sonata a 2 Violini e Basso H.584 RG112  €14.50
C.P.E. BACH Sonata a Obligato Cembalo e Violino (D major) H.502 RG120  €13.50
C.P.E. BACH Sonata a Obligato Cembalo e Violino (d minor) H.503 RG121  €12.80
C.P.E. BACH Arioso per i Cembalo e Violino (amajor) H.535 RG122  €10.00
C.P.E. BACH Clavier-Fantasie mit Begleitung einer Violine, H.536 RG123  €16.00
J.C.F. BACH Sonata II for violin, viola & piano RG104 €14.80
J.C.F. BACH Sonata III for violin, viola & piano RG105 €14.80
J.C.F. BACH 2 Sonatas for two violins & continuo RG108 €16.50
J.S. BACH Organ Trio Sonatas (arr. Richard Gwilt) BWV 525 - 530
Volume I, Sonatas I & III  (two violins & continuo) RG117 €21.00
Volume II, Sonatas II & IV  (violin, viola & continuo) RG118 €21.00
Volume III, Sonatas V & VI (two violins & continuo) RG119 €21.00
W.F. BACH Sonata in c minor for Viola and Obbligato Cembalo RG124  €16.50
Francois COUPERIN La Sultanne (two violins, two gambas & continuo)  RG205 €13.00
Gaspard FRITZ Sei Sonate a due violini (c. 1759) RG101 €16.00
Jean Marie LECLAIR Sonates en trio, Opus 4 (two violins & continuo)
Volume 1 Sonatas 1 - 3   RG102 €24.80
Volume 2 Sonatas 4 - 6   RG103 €24.80
Jean Marie LECLAIR Ouvertures et Sonates en trio Op.13 (two violins & continuo)
Volume 1, Sonates 1 - 3  RG106 €24.80
Volume 2, Ouvertures 1 - 3  RG107 €19.80
Johann PACHELBEL Partie a 4 in F# minor RG203 €12.50
Johann PACHELBEL Partie a 4 in G major RG204 €12.50
Johann PACHELBEL Partie a 5 in G major RG207 €14.50
John RAVENSCROFT Trio Sonatas Opus 1
Volume 1, Sonatas 1 - 4  RG113 €18.50
Volume 2, Sonatas 5 - 8  RG114 €18.50
Volume 3, Sonatas 9 - 12  RG115 €18.50
Jean-Féry REBEL Pieces pour le Violon divisée en Suites
Premiere Suite in G RG109 €12.00
Deuxiéme Suite in D minor RG110 €17.00
Troisiéme Suite in D major RG111 €12.00
Johann SCHMELZER  Harmonia a 5 (violin, 3 violas, bassoon & continuo) RG206 €14.00
Johann SCHMELZER (attributed)   Sonata à 3 [Lament] (1 Violino, 2 viole, con Organo e Violone) RG125 €13.50
Jean Baptiste SENALLIE Premier Livre de Sonates (violin & continuo) RG116 €29.80
Antonio VIVALDI Sonata a 4 al Santo Sepolcro RG201 €12.80
Antonio VIVALDI Sinfonia al Santo Sepolcro RG202 €11.50


Future releases from RG Editions to include;

Jacques Aubert Sonatas for two violins, Op.24
C.P.E.BachTrio sonatas
Jean-Marie Leclair le cadet Sonates a Deux Violons sans Basse
Bach arr. Mozart 6 Adagios and Fugues